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Physics along with Chemistry and Mathematics is the backbone of the Science curriculum in education. With Board marks as one of the requirements for acquiring the right colleges in respective career, students must focus on the theoretical and objective concepts of be ahead with their competition in Physics. It has one of the most toughest and complex subject being the study of materials, forces to begin with and that ends at Universe. Vast syllabus comes under the course and it needs to be systematically managed to be on the right path for further learning the competitive exams that occur right after the board exams only. This further adds the pressure on students along with their future college perspective, they need to understand this crucial time for making clear path in their personal learning schedule.

Preparing for Competitive and Board Exams
With both exams coming at almost same time and different approach students as well as tutors have their task cut out to prepare on both front. This is the most important time for student as this might define the career and future possibilities of individual career perspective as well. Although the syllabus remains the same for both exams the questions are completely different so their preparation must be done accordingly. Being theoretical, board exams are given higher preference in the School based learning system so it is natural that private tutor further enhances the students for competition based objection questionnaire that are one liner with more precision and clarity of the subject curriculum.

What Makes us the Best Physics Home Tutor in Noida?
We are one of the premier home tuition provider that can uplift the student education level to their maximum capabilities. With Amrendra sir, students go through rigorous practice material for getting to the depth of the core fundamentals of the subject to make sure their level is always on the most competitive among their peers.

  • One on One face communication
  • Including practical approach for grasping basic physical concepts.
  • Chapter Wise Testing and Viva based question answering
  • Logical questioning and reasoning sessions
  • Flexible Time Scheduling
  • Complete performance tracking and evaluation.

Mr Amrendra Singh name has become synonym as one of the top Home Physics tutor in Noida for working with students on Class XI, Class XII, IIT, JEE Advance, PET and other Physics based competitive exams.

He will further check the students for strengths and weakness to make sure they are prepared on the basis of their current level of understanding only. With further rechecks and tests he will gradually develop students minds to grasp the basics of Physics step by step in preparing him for board and competitive exams altogether. He also provides special topic classes and short term courses to fast track competitive exams preparation. His unique methodology and practice material is custom made up of questionnaire that will put student on the right path for acquiring the highest marks from board and competitive exams.

So bring forth the expertise of Mr. Amrendra Sing in placing students on top colleges of India with complete guidance now!

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