Most tuition services are business oriented and think about their profit primarily. But we care, we try our best to provide the students with undivided attention and care so that the students can excel with ease. Here are the things that we commit to:-

  • Introductive classes- we encourage children to ask questions and challenge each other, we believe curiosity is the best teacher and ignites the Hunger for knowledge even more. We also encourage students to come up with answers themselves, the things they learn to stay with them permanently this way!
  • Small batches- the students are taught in small batches so that they get the attention and focus they deserve. The teacher can individually take care of the students if the students are in a batch of 20 to 25 each and it also simultaneously promotes healthy competition!
  • Remedial classes- special remedial and doubt clearing classes are conducted so that no student is left Behind and good results are assured for all! We are more than happy to help student till the student is prepared mentally and we take every initiative to clear the doubts.
  • Tests- we regularly conduct text spacing on chapters and topics thought and further mock tests according to the board cartoon to prepare the students for their respective exams! Not only does it mentally prepared the children but it also provides them with the perspectives and ideas about how the actual test should be.
  • Assignments- regular homework, projects in assignments are given to students so that they are always in touch with their studies and do not forget what they have been taught throughout the year.
  • Syllabus- the syllabus for the load is that of the CBSE guidelines and are in sync with the updates of CBSE. The lectures provided to are based on the same and keeps an account of all the holidays, it will not only revise the chapters but also help in a better understanding for the students.
  • Communication- the parents are continuously updated with regards to their wards activities and occasional PTMs are held so that the parents have a better insight into their wards development.
  • Better results- for all the reasons and initiatives mentioned above, we assure you that no student from our institution we return with bad grades but would rather Shine and score flying colors.

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